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The 1STOPlighting family of websites was founded on the principle of “adding value” to everything we do. Our goal is to provide the highest overall value and shopping experience for our customer. For the last 10 years we have single mindedly driven ourselves to find how we can provide a higher degree of value and service for our customers. This “value pursuit” has led us to pioneer such concepts in our industry as:

Our value focus, though, goes much deeper than just the terms that we offer to our customers. We understand that the experience and interaction you have when shopping with us is just as important as the price you pay. That is why each of our customer service agents are ALA trained and certified. Our management team has built a customer first culture and instilled it into each of our team members that interacts with the customer. Our goal is to get you the product you need at the right price when you need it. If any problems do arise with your order our commitment is to address it quicker than anyone else can in the industry with as little inconvenience to the customer possible.

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