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Golden Lighting About Hanover Lantern
Hanover Lantern got its start from the craftsmanship that Donald Hoffman learned when serving our country in the Navy during WWII. Donald served aboard a Navy ship where he learned the craft of pattern making and the foundry industry. After his return to civilian life, he opened a pattern shop to support his wife and three sons. Over time the oldest son, Bill continued with the family pattern making business and Mike, the middle son, decided to branch out after college making lanterns to be sold in local shops in Gettysburg as a tourist souvenir. After some years of success with the gift lanterns, Andy, the youngest son, joined his older brothers to expand the company into the lighting industry.

Over the years, Hanover purchased a local foundry called Formcast, which became one of Hanover’s greatest strengths in the made-to-order custom outdoor lighting industry. Having their own foundry allowed Hanover to control the quality of the casting, and was a great marriage with the family pattern making business.

Unlike most manufacturers who provide only one or two sizes, Hanover Lantern offers a wide range of fixtures in each style sized to fit the proportions of your home. Their fixtures are also available in a variety of mounting configurations including hanging, ceiling mount, single post top, multi-post lights, pier, and an assortment of wall bracket mountings. Add beauty and warmth to your home with Hanover Lantern lighting fixtures and accessories. Elegant in design and practical in function, their products are handmade to last a lifetime.

With a pattern shop, foundry and manufacturing facility, Hanover has a true advantage over the competition. Hanover has positioned themselves as a vertically integrated company that grew from only residential product offerings, to landscape and commercial grade product offerings as well.

Hanover Lantern has become a leading American manufacturer of made-to-order cast aluminum outdoor lighting products, as well as matching accessories such as mailboxes and address signs. Today, you will find Hanover products on homes, businesses and resorts throughout the United States and Canada.

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Energy Efficient Lighting (Residential Products)
Hanover Lantern's extensive line of high quality made-to-order outdoor fluorescent lighting. Electronic Fluorescent lighting is rapidly becoming a primary light source in today's lighting applications. This collection provides exquisite styling to enhance your nighttime lighting experience, along with saving energy and the planet.

Fluorescent lighting offers the advantages of lower energy costs and reduced maintenance when compared to incandescent lamping. These benefits, combined with Hanover Lantern's timeless designs, bring a new dimension to fluorescent lighting.

Dark Skies Cutoff Lighting (Commercial Products)
This catalog illustrates the commitment of Hanover Lantern to producing high quality Dark Sky friendly luminaires that meet today's needs. We manufacture a variety of durable, high quality luminaires that are efficient as well as Dark Sky compatible. Our full cutoff and cutoff optics systems direct the light downward to the area that needs illumination - not upward into the night sky.


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